Affinity™ Series Water Source Heat Pumps

Affinity™ Series water source heat pumps are some of the most efficient systems available today. Utilizing the best in compressor technology and blower motor efficiency, you’ll realize a level of comfort you never thought possible. Download the Commercial Product Line brochure and learn how you can experience worry-free comfort with a York® Affinity™ water source heat pump.

YK unit Compact YK Series

21.6 EER   6.4 COP Delivers premium efficiency in a cabinet footprint that rivals lower efficiency water source heat pumps.

YC unit Console YC Series

13.6 EER   4.9 COP Ideal for high efficiency retrofits in areas without common ductwork.

YCL unit Low Sill YCL Series

12.2 EER   4.4 COP Low sill console sized perfectly for legacy retrofits.

YDL unit Large YDL Series

17.5 EER   5.6 COP Perfect for large zones in commercial and institutional applications.

YHSW unit Hydronic YHSW Series

15.5 EER   4.8 COP Perfect for hydronic commercial applications or for domestic hot water.

YHT unit Hydronic YHT Series

15.8 EER   4.6 COP Provides high volume hot water output for larger commercial hydronic applications.

LX Series Water Source Heat Pumps

YB unit Compact YB Series

14.7 EER   4.9 COP Provides flexibility and efficiency in a compact cabinet at a competitive price.

YG unit Ultra YG Series

15.7 EER   5.1 COP Provides a higher, mid-tier efficiency option offering a wide range of features and options.